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Sometimes families are separated due to needing to work away from home. This can impact the emotional state of either the person who works away – or the family members who are left at home. Further, family problems don’t always disappear when the person returns home.

It is not always the lifestyle we anticipated we would be in – and anyone living in this lifestyle, faces stressors that many don’t understand. The separation, disconnection, longing and missing, communication or lack thereof can affect people negatively. This can impact our day-to-day lives, and being in a negative emotional state because of this isn’t a nice way to live. Long-term effects of such a lifestyle could result in personal ongoing emotional issues; and at worst, families don’t always recover and end up separating indefinitely.

I am experienced in counseling people in this area. We can work through the troubles you are going through, and put in practical practices that can help your current situation.

A better emotional state would mean a better life, for both yourself and the person you are separated from.

I cater to those working away; and to the families that are left at home.

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