Competition, Relaxation or Balance. Or, maybe all three… I specialise in helping Athletes be 100% ready.

Ever heard the saying: “Only a Fighter knows the feeling”? I have, and wholeheartedly agree. This applies for any competition. Competing in your chosen sport – there is no way to describe the feeling to a person who doesn’t.

So many people don’t perform as well as they know they could. We can cater to you, and work out how to get through it.

Further, if it is balance that you seek in life; problems in relationships that need resolve; motivation issues; discipline; or distraction – I can help you through these issues.

I understand the blood, sweat and tears that goes into your training – and combining this experience with my Professional qualifications and experience in Coaching people/athletes – we will be able to help you throughout your experience as an Athlete. We aim to get you in a better space, with yourself but also people around you – in order to allow you to move forward in what it is you would like to achieve.

A background in competitive Muaythai and Jiu Jitsu…if you need anything to help regarding your hobby/sport – let’s chat and see if I am the person who can help.

I do a lot of public speaking in this area; and will also offer variety of audios specific to this that will be on offer mid-2021.


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