Terms of Service


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The therapy is confidential, supervised, therapy by a trained and experienced professional. Therapy will be limited to a maximum of 4 fee paying sessions for Suggestion Therapy and 12 fee paying sessions for Analytical Therapy, with an evaluation at the end of the program of therapy. Therapy shall be terminated either at the client’s request or when the client returns to full functionality or a referral for further treatment may be made at any time, whichever is in the client’s best interest.

Fees and Health Insurance Cover:

Client fees are to be determined at the first session. Full payment shall be made at the end of each session by the client. Client(s) understand that a therapist will not be able to receive insurance reimbursement under many health provider policies – clients are responsible to bill their own insurance if they believe they have appropriate cover. Clients are fully responsible for the payment of all fees.

Cancellation Policy:

Clients maintain responsibility regarding appointment times. Any appointment cancelled after 6PM the day before the appointment, will occur (1) one half of the fee rate for the first incident and (2) the full fee rate for any incident thereafter. Most insurance companies will not reimburse you the client for this charge.

Refunds Policy:

Where a client has paid for a block of sessions or a program including a minimum number of sessions and audio(s) and withdraws from further treatment, any amount refundable is calculated based on the standard listed prices for services and audio(s) provided.

Confidentiality Policy:

All therapist’s communications, records and contracts with clients and professional and support staff will be held in strict confidence. Information may be released, in accordance with the law, only when:

(1) the client signs a written release of information indicating informed consent to such release;
(2) the client expresses serious intent to harm himself/herself or someone else;
(3) there is evidence or reasonable suspicion of abuse of a minor, an elderly person (sixty-five years or older), or a dependent adult; or
(4) a court order is received directing disclosure of information.

It is our policy to assert a privileged communication in the event of #4. Although we cannot guarantee it, we will endeavor to apprise clients of all mandated disclosure.

Work Agreement:

The client shall make effort in good faith effort at personal growth and engage in the therapy as an important priority at this time in his or her life. Client gain is most important in therapy. The Client agrees to undertake any homework required to the best of his/her ability. Suspension, termination, or referral shall be discussed between therapist and client in the case of a pattern of behavior that reveals disinterest or lack of commitment to therapy, or for any unresolved conflict or impasse between the therapist and client. The therapist and client further agree that an agreed treatment plan will be drawn up at the first session, with future revisions possible as the need arises.

The client(s) is aware that he/she is a willing and voluntary participant, and can withdraw their consent and agreement at any time during therapy. The client(s) is aware that the sessions involving such therapies outlined above may involve video-recording and / or audio-recording.

There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from person to person.