Anxiety – the killer of dreams, the killer of living life in a Forward and Upward direction.

There are many simple, undemanding techniques we can do, to help alleviate any anxious and limiting thoughts and behaviour, and give You the edge to live life the way you want to.

Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis and especially Timeline Therapy, involve straightforward techniques that allow you to get through Day-To-Day, and regenerate and learn to become a happier person.

I believe that life is a continuous journey of learning and growing, and continuous personal development is paramount. In our sessions, I can teach you to be independent in this area, so you can go out into the world day to day, and Live.

I am a very kind and gentle Mind Coach, and many people have found me to have nice and gentle energy. I work in a very pleasant environment, and also offer Skype/Facetime – I will allow you to feel comfortable. Together we can move You To Be where you want To Be.

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