No question about it – Competitive Athletes and those who exercise and train regularly, are amazing beings. We are strong, healthy, and treat our bodies like the Temples they are.

As we perfect our technique and build physical strength, skill and even flexibility – our Mind needs and deserves that Training too. Watch your results unfold with some Mind Coaching in this area.

At Keep Moving Forward, I can help you get where you want to be in all aspects of being an Athlete, including:

  • Get through training, both physically and emotionally – by working with you to identify things that are in your way
  • Find discipline where you are lacking – be it food cravings, frequency of training, drive to push through, drive to keep going to training, etc
  • Go into competition with a winning mindset
  • Go into competition without ‘getting in your own way’
  • Find balance in your life, outside of training/competition
  • Goal setting
  • Recovery techniques

As a former competitive Fighter, I am someone who has felt not just the blood, sweat and tears in the gym and on the canvas – as you have in your chosen sport – but I have also felt and understand about the blood, sweat and tears outside of the gym and ring

Like you, I have felt what happens behind closed doors and in our minds – from success, and what we have deemed as failures.

Win the Mental Battle and your desired results will come.


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